Dennis Fuentes

Artist member since 2018
Toronto, Ontario

Dennis Fuentes can be described as a time traveler of sorts. In the day time he is a graphic designer in an urban city where he commutes to work and makes use of modern technology to design for his clients. However, in his free time, Fuentes slips into his time machine to uncover the lid on the past where he aims to remind us of times long forgotten. He knows that there are stories to uncover from the past and they can be heard if we take the time in our busy lives to stop and listen to them. The three media Fuentes finds best to share these stories are collages where he makes use of retired magazines, books and paper ephemera, acrylic paintings and assemblages that are fuelled by frequent visits to antique markets and estate sales where he finds things from the forgotten past and gives them a new voice that speaks to the present.

Inside the Studio